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Digitize your menu

menupleaz is a digital alternative to the traditional paper menu for restaurants, bars and hotels.

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Profitez du chèque numérique d'une valeur minimum de 500 euros TTC soit 2 ans d'abonnement au pack Pro menupleaz.

Menupleaz allows you to keep a register of your customers

This measure has been taken in order to guarantee your health and the health of others as much as possible. Your health is a priority!

How does it work?

You Don't Need an App !

  • The consumer just needs to scan a QR code on the media you want
  • Or to view the digital menu via a quick link.
  • We have solutions, such as stickers, easels, triptychs...

Suggest a new way to order

Allow your consumers to order directly via their phone,
in the language of their choice.

With our digital menu you can enjoy many advantages

Easily update your menus in real time from your account. Create, add, modify recipes, drinks, ingredients...

You want to know more ?

Multilingual &

With photos, translation. Develop the possibilities to attract customers to new tasting opportunities such as food/wine pairing.

Preventive &

Keep an eye on your lifestyle and health by offering diet and food allergy screening. We adapt to your needs, to your graphic charter.

Modifiable &
Environmentally friendly

Manage the display of your menu, add, modify, disable recipes. Save the nature and your budget of reprinting your regular and expensive paper menus.

Accessible &
Reassured consumers

Allowing blind and visually impaired people to read your digital menu by voice. Let's be vigilant about our health and the health of others.

They trust us

Thanks to our partners,

Take advantage of the advice for the elaboration of your wine list according to the wines most appreciated by the customers and obtain easy ordering among thousands of references.

You manage an establishment...?

Offer an unprecedented experience to your customers.

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